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Re: Puma GTC 1987 -- ?s

The chassis is from a Brasilia, not a Bug or Ghia. All the parts that hang onto the chassis though are Type 1 & 2 EXCEPT the master cylinder. You will need a Brazilian Type 3 master cylinder. The German ones do not work as the lines hook up differently. The chassis as been shortened, so the long brake line to the back will take some work on your part. The engine and transmission are the same as a Bug, except they kept the swing axle long after VW themselves switched to IRS. Your car should have a low profile shroud, and dual carbs. Purring Pumas in California is your best source of parts..
Jim Schield
Naperville, IL

Re: Puma GTC 1987 -- ?s

Wow thank you for the info . It helps A lot --Im doing A body off resto -at this
point im taking all off from top side . Do you know anything about the wire
harness ( in the past I have just got A 12 circuit wire kit from Speedway - it
worked well for my Bradly. Agin thank you very much.

Re: Puma GTC 1987 -- ?s

Also your rear body mounts are Type 3, the front disc brakes are from a Karmann Ghia, that rear swingaxle is the long axle version and the rear drum brakes are Type 3 VW, the drums unbolt from a hub and have wider shoes than a Beetle.
I used a Rebel harness in my GTC, it is not a bad job to do except there does not seem to be any schematics for the GTC or the GTI, I know they are similar to the earlier models but it is the steering column mounted switches that make things tricky as there is no schematic that I could find that was of any help. The GTE and GTS did not have the same column mounted switches. Take a look at my body off rebuild here it may help.

Re: Puma GTC 1987 -- ?s

Thank you Paul. This info helps a lot. I did look at your rebuild very nice