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Switches 1981 GTI


Would any one be able to source some of the headlight instrument or defroster rocker switches to the left of the steering wheel on the dash. I Am in need of the 3 of them. Was hoping to know what ones people would use a substitutes if these are not available any longer. I was under the understanding that these must have been sourced from another manufacturer.


Re: Switches 1981 GTI

That vintage Puma was using many of the VW Brasilia parts. If Purring Pumas in California does not have them, you could contact in Brazil. You can email them (in English) and they can get back to you. Their site is in Portuguese.
Best regards,
Jim Schield

Re: Switches 1981 GTI

Hi Jim I have been away from any think Puma for along time since I sold my car. I just had a look at the forum for old time sake and though I would say as for your head light switch, you should install a relay for your head lights so you are only running the coil voltage thorough the switch as the switch can not handle the head light current for that long. Look for a relay that will handle 30 amps. Good luck with you new switches.

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