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Puma Dash

Is the Puma dash boned to the body, or can it be removed? If it can be removed, where are the attaching points. I'm confused. Please help.

Re: Puma Dash

My Puma parts book shows a picture, and a separate part number for the dash. Unfortunately like many of the pictures in the book it's a little sketchy. Have you taken out the instrument cluster?
There has to be some fasteners somewhere in the middle, and at each end.
Best regards,
Jim Schield

Re: Puma Dash

Thanks for the information, Jim.

Re: Puma Dash

Al, you may know by now but the dash is fairly easy to remove. The major arrangement points are above the right and left footwear kick panels. You need to drop the steering column to the floor, remove the steering cluster and label the wiring. I have removed the dash on a two Pumas; once to reupholster and once to replace with a 250 GTO California dash. Only caution is to be careful not to do anything to endanger breaking the windshield. Windshields are made from Unobtanium. I could use one right now.