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Re: Engine tin

Most of the Puma engine compartments I have seen (including my own) were made to utilize the curved outside upper cylinder tin as found on VW Brasilias. These are different from the standard tin, or the later model fuel injection tin. The fuel injection engine upper cylinder tin is somewhat curved, but is not the same shape and will not work (I tried). I can send you a picture of the Brazilian engine tin as installed if you want to try to order a pair from one of the suppliers in Brazil. The other option is to utilize the standard bug tin, and make a surround out of metal or wood. I had to do that on my first Puma, and can send pictures of that as well.
Best regards,
Jim Schield
Naperville, IL

Re: Engine tin

Jim, A picture would be great.

I bought mine in 1977. Drove it a bit ( I had a company car as well and traveled a lot)- in 1985 it went into storage and as I was out of the country or out of the state I was delayed getting it back on the road - finally after 30+ years I decided to dig it out from the back of the garage.

Now I'm faced with re-registering in California as well as trying to get it a smog certificate. The engine in it when I bought it was a basically VW bug- single carb. I'm thinking of a new engine with dual carbs and try that, BUT apparently the 1977 VW engine was fuel injected and I don't know if I can convert easily (running a return fuel line to a new tank!?!?!?) or get the smog referee (a Calif DMV requirement for kit cars) to help get it done.

The Puma is a great car and very well designed - it is just in California the "powers-that-be" don't appreciate the classic cars.