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Re: Tire Pressures

I have my 1981 GTI set at 30 PSI.

Re: Tire Pressures

Hi Dave,

Tire pressures are usually set at around 30 psi on todays late model cars. Having said that,refer to the tire manufacturer with info like... weight of car,rear or front drive,etc etc. Equipped with the original pirelli tires,our `81 gtc`s needed only 16 psi in the tires according to a puma industries sticker found in the passenger door jam of my puma.Hope I was helpful!!!!

Re: Tire Pressures


Many thanks!

I might run mine at about 18 pounds or so. It's progressing nicely, hope to have everything back together in the next week or ten days.

You're right about the tire pressures...I had a very cool old Lincoln Mark IV, and every time I had the oil changed they pumped the tires up to 35 pounds, and the car rode like it had bricks for shocks. Dropping the tire pressures down to 19 pounds or so, as specified by the factory, made it ride like a magic carpet ride again.

Dave Riedle

Re: Re: Tire Pressures

It is not recommended to use high pressures like 30 PSI (considering original tire sizes) because it can accelerate damages on the fiberglass body.

The pressure that is suggested on the owner's manual is 16 for front tires and 18 for rear tires. You can also use 19 in front and 22 in the back to get a road if your intention is to achieve higher speeds.