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It was fun while it lasted...

I have closed the forum on due to inactivity. I saw no point in keeping the spammers out if no one is going to use it.


Re: It was fun while it lasted...

Hi Brandon,

All I have to say is what a shame!!!! Your site was well organized with alot of helpful info for the puma community.... Obviously,activity was slow on the site,maybe due to people being on vacation or whatever reason but I think I speak for all those who have used the site,we only wish you would reconsider your decision.If not,we will be forced to kidnap you and ask for the site to reopen for ransom!!!!



Re: Re: It was fun while it lasted...

Thanks for the words of encouragement Roberto. The forum is technically still there, but just turned off. If I hear that people still want it, then I will turn it back on. I would sure love to have the Puma community in touch with lots of good tips/stories being told.


Re: Re: Re: It was fun while it lasted...


Sorry to see the forum go. I think I might have been the last Puma person to post to it, and I visited it every day or every other day.

I have lots of stuff to post regarding interior tips, and tips on door glass and window winders. I'll start posting the information in the next few days on my small Puma site.

I'm really glad that the photo gallery is still's a great website!

Dave Riedle

Re: Re: Re: Re: It was fun while it lasted...

Well, I understand that it can be frustrating maintaining a site when you feel there isn't much traffic. I've been there. It is a small community of people (Puma Owners), after all. I was away for a while, but I really did like your forum much better than this one. I hate this bravenet and all of it's speaking pop-ups. I'm a member of a couple other car related forums that that use Yahoo and Google groups. They work pretty well, but someone has to work as the administrator to add members and keep a lid on the spammers.