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Re: engine swap almost complete

Glad to hear things are moving along Jesse! I am sure you will be most pleased with a larger engine and the extra power that comes with it.

I actually need to order a few parts myself so that I can complete the air suspension on my car. Once that is done, then it is on to the transaxle. Anyone have a suggestion on who could build a transaxle that will hold at least 300 hp? I like the Mendeola but I don't think I want to drop the kind of $$ they want for one so I will have a type 1 built.


Re: Re: engine swap almost complete

I finally took the Puma out on the highway for a run. Wow, that motor makes some power, and i don't even have it dialed in yet! I have the carbs synced pretty well and have the fuel/air mixture close. What I'm really going to have to play with is timing. I have it set at 5 deg BTDC at idle (30 deg @ 3500 rpm), and it ran nice, but I'm going to add 2-3 deg advance and see how that works out. Then it's back to mixture adjustments again...The twin exhaust looks awesome too.