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new spindle needs new wheel

Help. Factory wheels won't fit with drop spindles. The rim hits the control arm. I have to get bigger rims or use an adj front beam. I didn't want adj. beam because of softer ride and bottoming out. Any other ideas? Thanks.

Re: new spindle needs new wheel


How many inches is the drop on your spindles?

My GTC uses forged drop spindles with a 2 inch drop, and the factory wheels fit perfectly. My car is a factory built Puma with disc brakes. I don't believe that you can really drop the front end much more without narrowing the beams slightly. I don’t think the tires will clear the wheel arch unless the beam is narrowed a couple of inches.

I looked through all of the receipts for the car, and I only found the part ADSBJF-DISC for the spindles. I did notice that they went for the somewhat princely sum of $340 in 1994! The company that sold them is no longer in business, but was located in Phoenix.

You might have to look around at different manufacturers to see who might have spindles that will work with 14-inch wheels.

I have to believe that there is a spindle that will work for you somewhere...

I agree with your reluctance to use the adjustable beam...the cars just don't seem to handle correctly with them, although I have driven recently driven a KG using an adjustable beam, coil-over shocks, and a set of castor shims, and it drove pretty well, but the steering was really heavy at low speeds.

Please feel free to contact me if you have any questions.

Dave Riedle