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Re: Shifter

Hi Jamie,

Usually, you can get it off by unscrewing it counter-clockwise but some people either add epoxy or silicone to secure it to fill the void when the shifter is too large for the thread size. If you are going to change the shifter boot, cut it out to gain acces to the two(2) bolts retaining the shifter and remove them. You can then pull the shifter rod out and secure it in a vice to have greater grip to unscrew it. You can also get info on the forums at

Hope I've helped, Roberto

Re: Re: Shifter


Another note here...I would certainly replace the shifter with one with a lockout, or at least a "short shifter" kit while it is out.

They are both very inexpensive, and make shifting much faster and more accurate.

Dave Riedle

Re: Re: Re: Shifter

Thanks David

I got the shifter nod off they had used Red Lock Tight, I may look into a different shifter. What do the shifters do that you mentioned.

Thanks Agian

Re: Re: Shifter

Thank Roberto

Your advise was bag-on,they used Red Lock Tight and that is really good stuff.

Thanks Agian