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Buying/Shipping a Car ??

Has anyone had experience buying a car from across the US or from Canada and having it shipped? I guess I'm looking for an auto shipping company or broker that handles this sort of thing? If anybody's had a good experience or knows of a good company that does this, I'd love to hear about it.

Any advice on the most secure way to handle payment of the car and shipping?

Thanks for the help,

Re: Buying/Shipping a Car ??

Hello Jon, where are you situated? Regards George

Re: Buying/Shipping a Car ??

George, I am about 40 miles south of Seattle WA. Jon

Re: Buying/Shipping a Car ??

I havea 1987 Puma GTI if you are interested in buying one and live north of Seattle

Re: Buying/Shipping a Car ??

Hello again Jon, I thought I may be able to give you some assistance but you are to far away!! I live the UK!!! so can only offer UK shipping companies that ship from the USA to Europe. Good luck I hope every thing works out for you, it will be worth it. Best Regards George

Re: Buying/Shipping a Car ??

I have done this several times.

Shipping is not a real problem...lots of shippers out there.

Most important thing is to get someone to physically look at the car, photos always look better.

Payment is not an issue with PayPal or other types of payment. I have even paid with a cashier's check. If you go that route, you can inquire to other folks as to the character of the person. For a small group like the Puma folks, chances are most people know each other, or have references.

Where is the car located?

Dave Riedle