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Timing, lug-bolt issues...

More silly issues here.

First, does anyone know the significance of the notches on the stock Puma timing pulley?

I have two sets of notches here.

The first is a single notch to on the engine side of the pulley. This one seems to be related to cylinder #1. When I connect a timing light to the #1 cylinder (front cylender closest to the passenger) it comes up and everything looks good. With an 009 distributer it could be 0 degrees, 7.5 degrees, or even 10 degrees when I check it with a Craftsman advance timing light.

The second set has two notches very close together. Not certain where it falls on timing. I have seen two notches on the Samba with 7.5 and 10 degrees with this one, but it does not match anything.

Any ideas?

Also, I have two lug bolts that I should replace due to defects.

Can I get replacements like Empi or Bugpack for these?

Trying to get small things handled before I put the car away.

Dave Riedle

Re: Timing, lug-bolt issues...

If at all possible you should put on one of the aluminum pulleys with the degrees. On my Puma,to run the best I have the timing set at 10 degrees statically (with the test light) When the engine is running, the timing maxes out at 30 degrees when checked with my Craftsman timing light.
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Just took the pedal cluster out of my Puma to send it to Pedal Werks in California for a rebuild. New shift bushing is next.

Re: Timing, lug-bolt issues...

Take a picture of your bolt showingthe type and length. I have many different extras I could send.
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