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Will A Tall Driver Fit in a Puma?

I have always been interested in a Puma, but I'm curious if I would fit. I am 6'4" & approx. 210lbs. I have had a number of 914's and I am comfortable in them. Is a Puma a possibility for me?


Re: Will A Tall Driver Fit in a Puma?

Hi Steve, I have a 1981 GTI which I replaced the seats with Mazda MX6 seats and reworked the tracks to 1/2" thick, I am 5'11" and I fit well now, but stock would be tight. The 914 seat would work real well in the Puma....

Regards Larry

Re: Will A Tall Driver Fit in a Puma?

Steve, I'm 6'4" and find it a bit tight in my '82 GTC. Putting the top down helps relieve the claustraphobia. But the biggest problem is my size 15 shoes. There's not a lot of foot room down by the pedals. Nevertheless, I love the car. It's a blast to drive and work on. I recommend the convertible for tall folks. It makes it easier to get in and out and as long as it's not your primary car the inconveniences are more than outweighed by the fun.

Re: Will A Tall Driver Fit in a Puma?

Hi I just got my 81 puma and love it I'm 6'4" and 240 lbs and fit pretty good just my head brushes ceiling but is perfect when sunroof is open and that's with stock seats.