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special Puma vw oil filler/dipstick?

I am a vw mechanic trying to build a Puma VW motor which is missing several pieces. How should the oil filler/ dipstick arrangement look? Are these standard Type 1 items?

Re: special Puma vw oil filler/dipstick?

Try ebay-brazil or a vendor on ebay-USA, that has Puma tailight's listed. He seems to have good feedback and might be of help.

Sidenote to all; It might be helpful if you list your general location, state, province or country.

Re: special Puma vw oil filler/dipstick?

Hi Mike

I have a 1981 Puma and I am just about to change the motor from the original to a 1976 block. The dipstick tube on the original motor is fastened no with two nut I am told a type 3 block has the same studs and a plate over this openning into the crancase.You can get the tin to go around this tube at CIP 1.

PS I live in Peterborough Ont Canada, if you need pics just send me a Email

Thanks Jamie

Re: special Puma vw oil filler/dipstick?

Universal cases have that opening too. What is the code on the 1976 case your attempting to use, sounds like a fuelie case ?
Check the SAMBA for lots of case interchange information.
So your asking if your puma tin will fit ?

Re: special Puma vw oil filler/dipstick?

I have a single-plunger case with no dipstick tube but a type-3 style opening on the case where a Type 3 oil filler would go. I think I know now that there is a special Puma dipstick tube that attaches here, but the customer has decided to use an adapter tube and stock dipstick for this application. Thanks for the help!