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Nice 1981 Puma cloth bucket seats $200

I have a set of very nice original Puma bucket seats that include the rails, and have had the recliners restored. These have never been exposed to the weather, so the springs and frame are great.

There are no tears anywhere. The center section is a bit rumpled, but my upholstery shop says that these should simply be reglued to the base material. This is quite common on old British cars with corduroy upholstery like the Puma.

One of the side panels has been replaced with material as close to stock as I could find.

These are the nicest Puma seats I have ever seen.

I am located in Michigan, and shipping is not included. Fortunately, the seats can be knocked down by removing the top of the seat from the bottom of the seat if necessary.

Drop me a line if you would like photos.

Dave Riedle

Re: Nice 1981 Puma cloth bucket seats $200

Dave, please do send photos. I, too, am in Michigan. Where are you located?

Re: Nice 1981 Puma cloth bucket seats $200

Do you still have the seats? If so, can you send me a picture? I just bought a 1981 GTI in poor condition.