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Re: Puma Convertible Replacement Tops

Frank, would the top be cloth or vinyl?

Re: Puma Convertible Replacement Tops

Hello Ed
Let me clarify first, I am not in the Convertible Top business.
I own a Puma convertible and was surprised that stock, on replacement tops had dried up, made several post’s and inquiries into having Tops made.

I only received two replies. Suppose it’s going to be a few more years before somebody will step up and have a bunch made on their dime.
I did find a NOS top from another member for my own car.

Email me for the contact information for the shop that was willing to make the top.

Re: Puma Convertible Replacement Tops

Hi, Frank. Did you see this source before? Evidently they offer both a vinyl top and a cloth top for the Puma. They're near Stuttgart, Germany.

Re: Puma Convertible Replacement Tops

Thanks Ed, it is always good to have another source.
With today's exchange rate it comes out at
510 Euros = 638.41800 US$ without duty, taxes or shipping.

Probably a good deal for Puma owner's in Europe.