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I have a NEW Puma Convertible that has not been driven yet.

Hey Guys. I have a NEW BUILD. NOT COMPLETED PUMA. It had set in my father’s garage for as best as I can figure 31 years. I remember him bringing it home when I had my learners permit (because I wasn’t allowed to drive his friends van to tow it). Now I am 46, so 46-15 =31 years.

The Good:
He bought good components for it as far as I can tell. I was heavy into VW’s in the 80’s and he took my input. (I have also been an ASE Master Certified Auto Technician since I was 19 years old.) He bought the car on the pallet. It had the seats removed and the other pallet that had the drive train was not with it. So he bought SCAT fully adjustable black cloth buckets to replace the seats. He bought a fully adjustable front end and close ratio trans both with what appear to be EMPI disk brakes from a Peloquin when they were in L.A. I believe they were in El Segundo or Hawthorne CA actually. He bought a 2180 cc engine with heavily ported heads and what appear to be big valves and dual springs with a very light flywheel. On initial measurement looks like it has about a .550 lift cam in it. The engine will have dual Deloroto DRLA 48 mm carburetors on the matching manifolds that came with it. The Engine came from a shop in Downey CA . in the mid 80;s. He doesn’t remember the name of the VW shop he bought it at. I know the transmission and front end are Peloquin because I used to race his stuff all the time and I saw one of his tags on the transmission and front end.

The Bad:

The Convertible top has dry rotted and the thread holding it together pops when it is moved. I believe that it would be perfect to have someone cut the thread and make a pattern to be able to replace it with a cloth top instead of vinyl. The right door handle exterior plastic part is cracked but functional. The left deck lid hinge has one ear cracked off but is functional. Both parts are listed as available at Purring Puma but they have not replied to my request for a price yet.

Car has ZERO miles. I have a Bonded AZ title and license on it now. It will transfer to the new owner as a CLEAR AZ title for like $8.00.

Anybody know what this is worth? Or someone that might want it? I just have a personal crusade to make it run then drive it down the driveway once and sell it.

Email if you want more info or can shed light on what it might be worth?

Thanks for your help


Re: I have a NEW Puma Convertible that has not been driven yet.

Wow, a zero-mile Puma still in the crate. How exciting! I'd love to see pictures. You might want to consider posting it on

What's it worth you ask. Well, I bought my 1982 Puma GTC in 2001 for $2600 from a kid who just wanted to unload it (he needed cash to buy an original Mini Cooper). It has a 1600 dp motor with hydraulic lifters from Bernie Bergmann's shop. I bought a new top from Purring Pumas for about $400. Installation was another couple bills. Then I bought an original set of rims for about $800 (new tires about $500). Add a few other minor upgrades like a 009 distributor with electronic ignition and some engine sheet metal, and I've got about $5500 invested.

There are 2 Pumas listed on, one for $5000 the other for $7950. So there you have a general price range. Good luck and have fun.

Vince Petrie

Re: I have a NEW Puma Convertible that has not been driven yet.

Could you please send some pictures at and as asking price?

Re: I have a NEW Puma Convertible that has not been driven yet.

Please send me pictures and asking price. Also location of vehicle. Thank you.


Re: I have a NEW Puma Convertible that has not been driven yet.

Hi im interested in your puma .what is the asking price .and do you have some pictures.thank you alex.