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Re: Anyone heard from Purring Pumas lately?

Martin Davies posted the following message from Purring Pumas on Feb 27th, but I'm repeating it here just to complete the thread on this topic.

Greetings Puma Enthusiast,

The time has come for me to step down as owner of Purring Pumas. As you may have noticed, my time and availability recently has become limited to help serve your Puma needs. My father, Alfredo d'Escragnolle will now be taking over the realms. I have thoroughly enjoyed my time with all of you Puma enthusiasts and I wish you all the best.

And remember...Keep those Pumas Purring!

Best regards,
Alan d'Escragnolle

Here is the new contact information for my father, Alfredo as well:

Alfredo d'Escragnolle
Owner | Purring Pumas
8047 Caminito Mallorca
La Jolla, CA 92037

Re: Anyone heard from Purring Pumas lately?

Following Alan d'Escragnolle message in February that his father, Alfredo, was taking over the reins at Purring Pumas, I tried to contact Alfredo both by phone and email without success. His phone rings to voice mail but I couldn't leave a message. And I've received no response from the email message I sent. Does anyone on this forum have any information on the status of Purring Pumas?

Re: Anyone heard from Purring Pumas lately?

I just received a parts order from him, it was fairly fast (within 8 days of my order) and all went well. Most items I was looking for were in stock, mostly badging,headlight rubbers, door weatherstripping, etc , all good quality. I was pleased with his response time and delivery and will order more for sure, no hestitation. I placed the order via email and got a reply within a few days, shipped it to the NE USA ($37) and had a friend pick up the package for me for my 81 GTI in Ontario, Canada.