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What's your Puma worth?

The May 12, 2014 issue of Autoweek magazine reported the sale of a 1978 Puma GTE for $6270 at the Barret-Jackson auction in West Palm Beach, FL in April 2014.

The worth of any item is only what a buyer is willing to pay. Auctions are usually a good measure of what buyers are willing to pay. So, if you're wondering what your Puma is worth, this auction may help you.

This Puma is described as "yellow with black interior...Excellent repaint with shiny chrome...interior leather shows some wear...Gauges are clear. Carpets appear new...Fit to the doors is very good; all glass is in excellent condition...This Puma had good to great cosmetics and undoubtedly sold for a fraction of what was invested to get it there."

If anyone wants a copy of the full article send me your email address.


Re: What's your Puma worth?

Muy buena su información.
Tengo que aclarar que mi Puma, no se vende a ningún precio.
Sólo basta tenerlo y poder disfrutarlo.....eso no tiene precio

Saludos a todos los "PUMAS"