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Puma GTE - best size wheels and tires

Hi Everyone. We've recently bought a "barn find" 1977 Puma GTE. We're in the process of getting it running and looking presentable. We're currently using used VW Beetle 15 inch steel wheels with 195 width tires while we're doing initial work, but eventually want to get some nice looking wheels that really look good on the car.

I've been doing my research by looking at this forum and others but I'm coming up with even more questions. Someone mentioned that the factory GTI wheels were 14/6 front and 14/7 rear and used 185 and 195 tires.

My concern with our GTE is that even with the 15 inch wheels and 195 tires, they look lost in the wheel wells.

Were the factory GTI wheels a significantly different size than the GTE?

Any suggestions or ideas would be much appreciated.

Re: Puma GTE - best size wheels and tires

I own a 1978 GTE with original wheels, which are narrower on the front than the back. Did once try wider wheels all round but steering shake became impossible, even when balanced and with a new steering damper. OEM tyre recommendation is Pirelli Radial CN 36 185/70 HR 14 front and 195/70 HR 14 rear, however I run 195 Michelins all round without difficulty.
Also refer earlier Forum thread by Vince Petrie Feb 7, 1012.
Martin Davies

Re: Puma GTE - best size wheels and tires

The stock Puma wheels have very little offset compared to the Beetle wheels. I put 15" X 6" Cosmics on mine with 185-65 tires and had to put wheel spacers (with longer studs) on the back. You can email me and I can send you a picture of how the Puma looks now.
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