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Puma VIN plates?

I have two VIN plates, one is in the front compartment just under the edge of the bonnet above the fuel tank, and the other is

hanging on a nail in the garage.

I got the car back from the painters like that, one plate on the car, one in the box of bits they took off and didn't put back on.

Where does the second plate go?

(1982 GTI)

Re: Puma VIN plates?

Is it a long narrow plate, or a square? Approximate size?
Best regards,

Re: Puma VIN plates?

Could this be the ID plate that is sometimes on the doghouse on the engine?

I have never seen another VIN plate anywhere else on a Puma. Mine has one under the front bonnet, a small one on the dash, and the engine number plate. Never seen anything else.

David Riedle

Re: Puma VIN plates?

Hi My Canadian car has the plate under the bonnet,the one on the dash drivers side at windshield, and a plate 4x2 3/8 mounted on the driver side door post 3 1/2 inches below the pin the door lock onto,that is centre of pin to centre of the plate. Then I also have the engine plate that Dave was talking about.

Thanks and please just email question.

Re: Puma VIN plates?

Sorry David