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Facebook SUCKS!!!

Thanks for bringing back a forum for the majority.

Re: Facebook SUCKS!!!

I was a bit hesitant to bring the message forum back up....this is the third time now. Some of the most fowl content was posted, and I wasn't interested in posting vile, fowl content. Thats what GE's flamebook is for. KE6RRI

Re: Facebook SUCKS!!!

Ok, I admit. I'm really just stupid. I operate my website only half as well as I run my repeater. As you can see from my awesome website authoring skills I only care if the links work for meeeeee.

Re: Facebook SUCKS!!!

Well thank you for the repeater and the forum.

Now if you could only get the links on the 435online page to work with Windows 7 and IE9 you'd REALLY be cool.