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Figure it out RRI

It amazes me that RRI cannot FIGURE IT OUT!!!

GK’s real friends, who’ve known him since before he came to 435, from 435 and 450 made it clear RRI was not welcome at the funeral, nor will she be welcomed at the GK memorial on the 24th.

She has turned her poor choice of coming to the funmeral into another me me me, look at poor me and what ‘they’ did to me. It was no surprise she and skidmark were shunned. It was no surprise they did not come over and talk with the ‘core group’ of GKs friends. It was no surprise they left right after the service and didn’t go to the burial or luncheon afterwards.

You see, in her delusional mind she was entitled to go. She is the owner of 435, which she made the main point of when talking with GK’s Mom. Instead of passing on her condolences she turned it into her talking about herself.


And then to spend the next two days, on the air, accusing ‘them’ of humiliating her. Take a look at what you did RRI to humiliate yourself!!! You came where you were not welcome. You spent minutes, holding up the line, talking about yourself to GK’s Mom while the family patiently waited to offer their condolences and go to the burial. You didn’t have the decency to offer condolences to GK’s friends or hardly acknowledge we were there.

You now say you will not come to the memorial if you are not wanted. WELL YOU ARE NOT!!! Just because it is an open invitation, doesn't mean you should come. You are not welcome. Save yourself the humiliation and stay home.

Re: Figure it out RRI

I heard right on 435 DEK tell Christina that she and Mark should go to the funeral and the memorial. She said she was not welcome there and would not attend because she didn't want any trouble. DEK reassured her there would be no trouble and Mark and she should go. Tell me that didn't happen either!

Re: Figure it out RRI

For starters, RRI told GK's mom how nice he was to her when she was stuck on the freeway, and how he programmed a radio for her, and how she really appreciated her friendship with him while it lasted. Go ahead and criticize any and everything that RRI does if that makes you feel better. You obviously have a need to hate her, and try to make everyone agree with how you feel. I am not sure why you feel the need to hate someone as virulently as you do. You seem to pick a target and focus on them for a long long time until you finally give up and change to someone else. This constant need to feel superior is a real telling sign on your part. There may be some parts of you that are excellent, but you really need to look at why you hate in the way you do. My guess is misplaced anger. You know who.

Re: Figure it out RRI

DEK only invited her to make her a TARGET
He knew she was not welcome .
He knew GK could not stand her . Why do u think he left 435 ?

RRI got what she deserved and if she goes to the Memorial it will be much worse for her .


Re: Figure it out RRI

HAHA jokes on you guys. I guess it's time I come clean and admit it never happened. I put on the show because no one was paying any attention to meeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee.

Re: Figure it out RRI

Why does the prior posting look and sound like gdb??? Still looking
for attention, I see. Negative Mel wannabe.

Re: Figure it out RRI

Sorry Horse Face U wrong ! Guess again .What U don't like the truth ?
Tell us how GK still liked you right before he died . Tell us how you
were HIS PAL when you called him a PEDOPHILE.

His Mother knew how he felt, leaving 435 after so many,many years .
You made a fool out of your self and your IT'S ALL ABOUT ME COMMENTS to her.
Just show up if you dare to his memorial you will be put in your place over and over again and then some.