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Re: Contractors?

You people are dumb sheep ! 435 is DONE stick a fork in it !

It will never be what it was now that the horse faced dick-taker has her
man-hands on it .

Look how many long time users have left . The new users are not as smart or entertaining . It's a cryin shame how she ****ed everything up.
Sefish ******

Re: Contractors?

GE gave up the boat; Mark and Christina bought it, painted it red, and now all the “old timers” are mad because they don’t like the color. Notice how the poster who is b i t c h i n g about the repeater having no talent is one of the “old timers” who has no talent. If talking to girls on back page takes talent then GE has talent, but I don't think it takes talent to dial up a phone number from back page and degrade a hooker on the radio. That show is done all the time on YouTube by others.

The “old timers” are getting old, and they are going through mid life crisis, that is why they are so unhappy. Change is difficult for the “old timers” who want things to stay the same. Their hair is turning gray, or they are losing their hair altogether. They are getting fatter, slower, and feeble minded. Ledge is a perfect example of becoming feeble minded, because half the time he doesn’t even know who he is communicating with. GDB is acting like a god d a m n baby whining about every little thing. Maybe he needs to have his depends changed. BigZiT John Jolly is just an old tweaked out loser with no life except radio. The past is fading, and the “old timers” are scared of their own mortality. 435 will go on with or without them, and that is the realization that they are so angry about.

Re: Contractors?

No chance Dr. Cool-aid in a pill ! 435 will wither away like it has been.
The best of 435 of all ages have moved on. That does not mean we can not
comment when see the red boat sinking . We don't want on! Hell no you, idiots like you and Horse Face who do not cary the true spirit of 435
will slide into the silent depths many fathoms below. With Horse face trying to hold on to the helm with absolutely no control .

Blub Blub Blub

Re: Contractors?

You need to go back to school and quit worrying about 435. Your horrendous punctuation, spelling, and grammar make you sound ridiculous. Who needs an illiterate idiot like you on 435? We don’t need you, because your words are nonsensical, so get lost, and so long, farewell, adios amigos. Bye! Bye!