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Re: Contractors?

No chance Dr. Cool-aid in a pill ! 435 will wither away like it has been.
The best of 435 of all ages have moved on. That does not mean we can not
comment when see the red boat sinking . We don't want on! Hell no you, idiots like you and Horse Face who do not cary the true spirit of 435
will slide into the silent depths many fathoms below. With Horse face trying to hold on to the helm with absolutely no control .

Blub Blub Blub

Re: Contractors?

You need to go back to school and quit worrying about 435. Your horrendous punctuation, spelling, and grammar make you sound ridiculous. Who needs an illiterate idiot like you on 435? We don’t need you, because your words are nonsensical, so get lost, and so long, farewell, adios amigos. Bye! Bye!