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435 SUCKS!

The two guys that Christina is talking too are dip****s!
They are part of the reason 435 SUCKS!

Re: 435 SUCKS!

Thank you for your most precise description of events with no timestamps no callsigns no indication as to what your on about.

Here at 435 we find this information most use full and strive to make your experience as tiresome as possible.

If you could please in future direct your objections to the all *NEW* 435 complaints dept.

Of which the Women in charge will be more than happy to forward your grievances to the trashcan.

Remember it's your 435 but it's really hers and every one think's it's theirs and Laura say's nobody cares so enjoy your stay because Danny is gay and can't find himself a decent man to get married to.

Are you looking for love in all the wrong places ?

John Jolly.