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Re: Bad Recollections

If I don't know what I'm talking about, than why are you so worried about it? I never said, “no one can or could control the users”, those are your words, so your usage of quotes to put words in my mouth isn’t helping your case. You are the one who is full of mistruths! As stated in your response, “…a letter from a user complaining to the FCC about the operations or actions of other users or the repeater was to be avoided at all costs and resolved between the people themselves leaving out the FCC for the reasons you stated”. So, according to your own words I am correct, but according to you there is an exception to the rule as pertaining to the repeater owner. I know what I heard, and I stand by my words. The rule was stated to Christina (who is a repeater owner) and no one mentioned this mysterious exception too the rule. As a matter of fact she was told that Gary Elmer never wrote a letter to the FCC. Additionally, I can’t quite make out the last sentence in your response, because you must have thrown out a word when you threw my credibility right out the window. Not to worry, I’m pretty sure at this point that my credibility is still intact, unlike your last sentence.

Re: Bad Recollections

Man this Tammi can’t even remember what she wrote 2 posts back. She says ‘trying to control what has never been controlled ‘ and ‘If GE couldn't control UBP what made these people think Christina could?’. Put those 2 together and is says “no one can or could control the users”, as Eric said you said! If no one could control 435 than why were so many people corn fielded by GE? I don’t know Roy or SAP so I wouldn’t know about that.
I see sheis speeking for R R I again with ‘The rule was stated to Christina (who is a repeater owner) and no one mentioned this mysterious exception too the rule. As a matter of fact she was told that Gary Elmer never wrote a letter to the FCC’. REALLY??? Even I remember the FCC letters GE wrote being posted on 435online so that is pure BS and seems to prove Erics’ point of you not being a real listener.
Tammi Quit now before you make a total fool of your self

Re: Bad Recollections

When you want to quote someone else's words you need to quote them exactly as the person wrote them "word" for "word". So you are wrong, because I do remember what I posted and the words Erik quoted me as saying are not my words. I was talking about UBP has never been controlled and how all of the sudden it was so important to "certain users" that Christina get rid of UBP. I know GE wrote letters because I posted them here on the message form, because it was said that he didn't write letters when he did. You criticize me when you can't even use your real name or spell the word SPEAK correctly!

Re: Bad Recollections

Nobody wants to get rid of UBP anymore. He did a great job driving off Christina.

Re: Bad Recollections

All of these Little Boyz are just that, Little boyz. NWW is so narcissistic, when his fantasies were not realized, he has to hit the bottle on a regular basis. All of these crying, whining men are just little men with peter pan syndrome. People give these guys advise and their response is..."**** you", and yet, they expected me to follow 50 some different directions of advice. Your stupid NWW. Apparently you do not know how it works, the double standards, the double and triple agents, and of course the cry-whine show, which you truly believe manipulates the masses (another delusion of yours). Pull your head out of the bottle. You truly, along with a lot of other Hams, need to pull the baby playpen over your heads, and trap yourselves in. No Worries, Tammi and I have stocked up on Plenty of Baby Bottles and Pampers to keep your poor crying little babies to feel better. While I am super jazzed that I am getting my asking price for the repeater, because I had the fortitude to stick it out, and all good things come to those who wait, I will now get to play, and be a regular user, once again.

Bad Recollections

Hi Christina;
Someone said I am as nuts as you are. I'm glad to know I'm in good company. I would have thanked him for the compliment, but I don't know who he is, because he is too much of a coward to post his true identity. Here are some pacifiers for the babies!

Re: Observer

Tammy you got any of you're real teeth left?