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Why do people have to be so mean? “It’s sad…so sad…it’s a sad, sad situation…and it’s getting more and more absurd…”! Obsessed hypocrites, it is really sad that people have to be so d a m n mean and hateful all the time. The bullies will rejoice and think they won something, but in reality they are the losers, because we see them for who they really are. Sure they have their little "click" of so called men to pat each other on the back, and brag how they spun this person or that person up, but actually, in real life what is that getting them? Does it help them to get through the day to bash women, disabled people, and elderly people? In my opinion at the end of the day they should be ashamed of themselves for even calling themselves men! Don't go Christina; don't give them what they want. THEY AREN'T WORTH IT. We know people HATE us for simply being yours and Marks friends, but that is insanely stupid. They call us losers, but they are the ones that are losing in the game of life. All that anger they carry with them everyday is like a cancer growing inside of them, and they are too stupid to see that. Who wants to be friends with a bunch of juvenile idiots who feel the need to control their friends? Not me, no thanks.