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Bye bye tweak *****

Bye bye Tammi. No more 435 for you. Take the horseface **** with you back to CB. You're gonna regret defending the friend of the friendless. Same goes or any other RRI supporters. If you talk to RRI on 435 your signal will cease to exist on 435.

Re: Bye bye tweak *****

Hi Night Watchman;
I'm glad you stopped by to leave a message on the my435.com message Forum, because I have been wanting to inform you that when you say, "This is the Night Watchman bringing you the best of 435 from dusk until dawn", you are making an incorrect statement, because dusk is when the sun sets in the west, and dawn is when the sun rises from the east. You're playing DVR's 24/7 which is not from dusk until dawn. Also, Southern California Edison Co. wants to know your mailing address, so they could send you a bill for all the electricity you're "SUCKING" out of Oat Mountain all day and all night. Additionally, have fun making me go away!

Re: Bye bye tweak *****

Whatta buncha no talent scroats. Losers. No entertainment value. Try as they may all we see and hear is CB SHEET. COME BACK ARNY GAMSON! COME BACK LEB! COME BACK 01/61 ...... this '435' is a SHEET HOLE of CB LOSERS who wouldn't make a mole on the ball sack of 'RICHARD BURTON'!


Re: Bye bye tweak *****

They cannot come back, because of all the jammers, jamming out the teamspeak. The relentless dribble of the nightwatchmen is just that, constant dribble. When they get over themselves, and find something better to do, then the other users will have a fair and equal chance to get into the repeater.