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Cuckoo Tom tag along.

You poor poor thing.

Having to cloak yourself at every turn.

Pretending to be other people all the time and never fessing up to your own BS YOU COWARD!

Who the hell is going to be scared of a no ball ****** like you ?

Oh Oh but i'll look up your details and i'll post them over the internet !!

No doubt the same sort of coward that goes into chat apps and threatens those he doesn't like that he will make recordings of them and sell them.

What a low life POS.

Thinking he can speak on behalf of others when most of the userbase don't even know you let alone like you cockhead.

Why don't you get a life and stop stalking people on the internet ****head !

The world will be so much nicer with out you in it.

There's a special place in hell for you ****er I reserved it specially for you.

Enjoy Lucifer has been notified well in advance.