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CSA staff officer's sword and CSA cavalry officer's sword for sale

I have two reproduction Confederate swords for sale.

The first one is a CS staff officer's sword. It has shiny brass and a leather scabbard and grip (although I actually think it's faux leather). It has never been used. I don't know how authentic it would be considered, but it looks good and fancy. It has "CS" emblazoned on the knuckle guard and a fancy design on the blade with "CSA". It does have a loose part on the top of the scabbard, and a sort of farby but unnoticable screw on the bottom of the grip. Not sure who made it. No identifying marks on it that I can find. $40.

The second sword is a long and heavy CS cavalry officer's sword (at least that was what I was told it was when I bought it). It looks very authentic with a leather grip, steel scabbard, and "CS" emblazoned on the knuckle guard. The blade has no writing or design on it. It appears to have been made in India as "India" has been carved into the hilt. The scabbard has a few rust spots on it probably due to its age, as I think it has been around for awhile. The rust spots look like they can be removed. The blade has no rust on it. $200.

Pics available upon request.