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Sewing Patterns for Sale

I no longer really use commercial patterns since I've started drafting my own, so I'm offering the following patterns for sale. With the exception of two of them, none of them have been cut or used, they've just sat in my patterns file for a long while now. I'm hoping they will be useful to somebody, and I'm offering them all at discounted prices from what I paid. The sizing listed are each individual pattern company's sizing and may not align with modern clothing sizes (which never agrees with itself from brand to brand, anyway).

Harriet’s Patterns

No. 88 Women’s Civil War Jacket Sizes 6-16 $5.00

Homespun Patterns


W004 Women’s Chemise Sizes 14-16-18 $5.00
W010 Fishu Sizes 14-16-18 $5.00
W011 Paletot Sizes 8-10-12; cut to size 12 but still usable for smaller sizes by tracing or cutting down. $5.00
W012 Quilted Petticoat $5.00
W013 Visiting Dress Sizes 14-16-18 $8.00
W014 Andalusian Vest and Jacket $8.00


M023 Civilian Pants Sizes 36-38-40; forepart is cut to size 36, but the other two sizes are still intact on the pattern sheet. $5.00
M023 Civilian Pants Sizes 42-45-48 $8.00
M024 Officer’s Pants Sizes 30-32-34 $8.00

Period Impressions


416 Swiss Body Sizes 18-20-22 $5.00
419 1860’s Paletot Overcoat Sizes P-S-M-L-XL $8.00