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Sisters Rodeo Parade

Hi all,

If any from Central OR (or anywhere else) would like to participate, we are now registered to walk in the Sisters Rodeo Parade on Saturday, June 10th. Parade starts at 10:00 am. I believe we assemble and line up by 9:15am.

We can sure use all the "bodies" we can get, so if you can spare a morning please join us.

You can contact me directly for details at at gmail dot com

Thanks in advance,

Michelle Ehr
Sisters OR

Update: Sisters Rodeo Parade

Many thanks to all who were able to participate in the Sisters Rodeo Parade today!
The weather cooperated with us and we got barely a drop on us!

We handed out a LOT of fliers for NWCWC events this year, and recruitment handbills (and candy to the kiddos!) We spoke to and answered questions from parade onlookers regarding events and participation.

Archie Napier had all the younger gentlemen drilling and learning to march properly, and it seemed as though the boys were devouring his instruction nearly as fast as he would give it. By the time we hit the main parade route, those boys looked properly smart!

Afterward, we went over to the Rancho Viejo Restaurant, in full dress, for a bite and a drink. Many people asked us about Civil War Reenactment and garb etc. It was good interaction. And the group was well received.

We discovered that we are a sizable bunch over here, and will organize meetings and get-togethers, picnics and game nights as frequently as schedules allow.

Mr. Napier made the observation that it is not so common for Union and Confederates to "hang out" together as we are forced to do here in the Central OR area. The potential for "orchestrated mischief" was discussed and it's opportunity to jointly work together to teach and impart history in a creative and organized manner.

All in all, Parade Day, was a good and profitable experience. With many more to come, it would seem. :o)

So that is the report I have on this for now.

Best regards to all,

Michelle Ehr
(aka Molly McDaniels)