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I am leaving the NCWC and not looking back. Post # 5

Hello Everyone,

obviously we are all sad about the loss of Fort Stevens as a venue for our events. That location has some very dear memories for me that I will carry my whole life.

However, what worries me most is how the leadership of the Northwest Civil War Council is handling the problem.

They have banned all discussion of the issue on the group facebook page, and have now banned multiple members for discussing the problem on their own PRIVATE PROFILES. This includes myself and my wife, as well as other members and the original post that I made a few days ago on this forum.

The NCWC used to pride itself on thoughtful, courteous discussion of issues, and allowing members to have a voice in decisions.
Now, they ban all conversation that they believe to be offensive, and allow decisions of board and battalion leadership to go through without a vote, or a write-in option.

Also, as stated above, they are removing people from the group who bring up legitimate concerns, questions, or frustrations.

I have been involved with the NCWC for 13 years, and enjoyed them all. From this point forward, neither my family or I will be paying our hard earned money towards such a corrupt and flawed leadership system.

I would like to ask NCWC members to consider how its leadership is handling these sad situations, and ask themselves if they are making decisions that reflect the values and integrity of their members. Bring it up on the facebook group, bring it up here, bring it up at board meetings if you are allowed to attend, and make them answer for what they do.

I wish this was not the situation, but it is. Now its either time to leave the sinking Titanic, or man the pumps.

I wish you all good fortune; happy trails, and keep your powder dry.

~A Disgruntled former member.

P.S. To the admin who keeps deleting this post, it'll just keep coming back.

UPDATE: This post has now been deleted four times by the dictator admin of this page.

Re: I am leaving the NCWC and not looking back. Post # 5

If your unhappy with leadership why don't you run for a seat on the board?

Re: I am leaving the NCWC and not looking back. Post # 5

First off, no one votes for people outside of the privileged few. Second, I don't feel like taking the wheel of the sinking titanic.

Re: I am leaving the NCWC and not looking back. Post # 5

Total BS, your just making excuses to justify your inaction. You don't want to make things better you just want to complain.

Re: I am leaving the NCWC and not looking back. Post # 5

I've done plenty.

I've attempted sharing authenticity with the NCWC, no dice. (We're known nationally as one of the worst reenacting groups in existence. Trust me, they know about us back east, and the word isn't good.)

I've attempted adding new elements to events to improve the experience for reenactors, no dice.

I've now turned to exposing the stupidity and vileness of NCWC leadership, and so far, no dice.

But it ****** you off, apparently, so there's some reward.

Re: I am leaving the NCWC and not looking back. Post # 5

Why don't you post your name...I blow you off as someone that is a coward, and really has no place in this hobby! Go back east and let them put up with your non-constructive comments and failure to help the supposed trouble!