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Re-enactment music

Hi All, I am new to this. My wife and I are musicians in the Corvallis area and we are interested in historical music from the 19th century. We are developing material for 2 Pioneer Museum gigs in 2020 (Brownsville) and a Christmas gig at Montheith House (Albany). As you may know, this develops over time (as funds and time allow). We are working up repertoire and acquiring period instruments and costumes. I have a music degree and my wife is also classically-trained, but we enjoy Americana and folk music. We have a portable pump organ and a 19th c. banjo, which we can play. We are working on period guitar and mandolin--which we can already play but are working on acquiring appropriate instruments.

Is there a place for us in Civil War reenactment? Perhaps you have so many musicians that we should focus elsewhere, but I thought I would ask.



Re: Re-enactment music

Yes Yes Yes Yes!

It seems as though we are always looking for musicians to join us - particularly for the dances.
The best person to speak to in our group is called John Feller. If you email me privately I can connect you with him and from there, he can connect yo with who ever else can aid you.

My email address is

Best regards,