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A funny thing...

Last evening, while posting our Charlie Chan Sunday Comic for September 8, 1940, I noticed some thing strange: the story line suddenly shifted from one half to the other! A quick investigation showed that this was the result of an error I made many years ago while scanning, in two parts, and then piecing together the two halves back into the original whole (as my scanner, then as now, would not accommodate the full size of the original). What I accidentally did, however, was to piece the second half of the one from 9/8/40 with that of the first half of the Chan comic from 7/9/39! So, yesterday, I rescanned the original sheet, and what we now have, after some 13 years, is the CORRECT version of this week's Charlie Chan Sunday Comic!

A funny thing...that I feel impishly drawn to that the book some enterprising person put together some time ago containing "pirated" images from our collection and which is being marketed on the internet, including at Amazon, contains this flawed image! Komics Karma...?

Rush Glick

Re: A funny thing...

Dear Rush, I read today's comic and your correction is imperceptible...Great Job! 13 years, WOW! But then in Chinese the number 13 is considered lucky.

in Chinese, If the sound of a particular number is associated with a happy, positive word it is considered lucky, and the opposite is also true. For the number 13, its pronunciation sounds like “assured growth” or “definitely vibrant” in Chinese. That’s why this number is considered very lucky in China, unlike its perception in the western world.

You were lucky to find the error and lucky to make such a perfect fix: after "13" lucky years!

"Glick," hmmm! Any ancestry to Kublai Khan?

Re: A funny thing...

Dear Lou,

And, the number four ("sì" which sounds close to, say, the "su" of the word "surrender") is NOT good! Sì (四) sounds like the word for "death." Chinese-speaking people will very often NOT consider living in a home with that number in the address!

Numbers can be interesting!

Oh, and, NO ancestry! :laughing:


Re: A funny thing...

Rush, 非常感謝, Fēicháng gǎnxiè, or T.Y.S.M.