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Re: chan films

Hi Mike!

If you do an Internet search, you can find ALL of the Charlie Chan DVD sets available through different selling outlets. One good place to look is at eBay, where you should find many being sold by numerous sellers, some at very decent prices.

As for Lucy Liu's involvement with the making of a Chan film, that was rumored, and it seemed as if it was a real possibility, back in the early 2000s (2003-2005). The plans were, indeed, to feature Liu as a granddaughter of Charlie Chan. It seems that that project collapsed, perhaps to political pressure at that time. Back then I truly had my doubts that, given Hollywood being, well...HOLLYWOOD, anything good would have come out of that project. It is probably just as well that nothing ever came of it.

Take care, Mike, and thank much!

Rush Glick

Re: chan films

Hi, Mike. As stated above, there are many ways to acquire Chan DVD's. The Fox films are available on DVD's from Fox, and many of the Monogram films are available on DVD's from Warner Brothers. However, I purchased most of my Chan DVD's on eBay, where the prices were much lower, and the products were always in good condition. I recently bought the eight Mr. Moto movies on DVD on eBay, and I am pleased with the product.