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The Charlie Chan Family Message Board
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FROM CHARLIE CHAN: “Even the frightened fawn is aware of the hunter that seeks its life.”

OUR CHAT ROOM: Our Chat Room can be accessed the same way that we accessed by going to our “Chat Room” link at, or use this direct link:

THIS WEEK’S PRESENTATIONS: “Your Money or Your Wife” (episode 1; 1957; 25 minutes); The Final Curtain (episode 11; 1957, 25 minutes), AND we have as our “extra” presentation, Chapter 13 (conclusion) of the movie serial, “Secret Agent X-9“ (1945; 20 minutes), which features our Number One Son, Keye Luke, as well as our Number Three Son, Benson Fong.


J. Carrol Naish: Charlie Chan
Lowell Gilmore: Kramer
Virginia Gregg: Constance Parsons
Dayton Loomis: Lt. Hess
Liam Sullivan: Andre Patton
Howard Culver: Lab Technician [George]


J. Carrol Naish: Charlie Chan
James Hong: Barry Chan
John Longden: Philip Royce
Patricia Marmont: Claire Harris
Mary Steele: Barbara Royce
Rupert Davies: Inspector Duff
David Oxley: Johnny Douglas
Lynn Cole: Maid (not credited)
Mike Malone: Harry (not credited)


“Your Money or Your Wife”: Mr. Kramer, a wealthy resident of a Malibu beach community, calls on Charlie Chan to learn who is trying to kill him. Soon, Chan discovers that Kramer's wife, Marsha, is missing and a ransom note that is left behind.

“The Final Curtain”: In London, Charlie Chan is contacted by an actor who believes his estranged daughter is in a dangerous relationship with a swindler.

FEATURE NOTES: (“Your Money or Your Wife”) Mr. Kramer (to Charlie Chan): "When I saw a news story that you were in town working on some cases, I called you." (Charlie Chan is at the beginning of an extended "vacation," which will take him, as well as his Number One Son, Barry, soon, from the United States to Europe and beyond. Obviously, his celebrity status has preceded him.)

TRIVIA: The accent used by J. Carroll Naish is virtually identical to the one he used for the evil Dr. Daka, a Japanese villain in the first Batman serial made during World War II (1943). Also, Naish’s Charlie Chan bears a striking resemblance to his Dr. Daka

TIME: We begin with arrivals and greetings at 7:30 EASTERN TIME. Then, we share our “extra” presentation, “Secret Agent X-9,” which will be followed at exactly 8:15 when we roll our first feature for our Monday evening, “Your Money or Your Wife.”

LOCATION: Our Charlie Chan Family Chat Room, which is accessed at

IF YOU LACK A COPY OF OUR FILM: Often our features can be found online. Happily, both of our feature(s) as well as our extra are available online. Please use the links provided at our Chat Room.

OUR MONTHLY POLL: Please take a moment to cast your vote in our OCTOBER 2019 POLL, found as you scroll down our Entrance Page (! This month’s question: “Which would you most likely participate in to celebrate the Charlie Chan family Home’s platinum 20th anniversary, Sunday, October 3, 2021?”


To which son does Charlie Chan give the hardest time?
Lee 0%
Jimmy 57%
Tommy 43%

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NEXT WEEK: Please join us on Monday, October 21, as we join Roland Winters as Charlie Chan in “The Chinese Ring.”

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SO, PLEASE JOIN US for this week’s Monday Evening Chat and Film Viewing as we share two of “The New Adventures of Charlie Chan.”

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