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FOR OCTOBER 21, 2019

“The Chinese Ring”

FROM CHARLIE CHAN: “Man who ride tiger cannot dismount.”

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THIS WEEK’S PRESENTATIONS: “The Chinese Ring” (episode 1; 1947; 25 minutes); The Final Curtain (1957, 68 minutes), AND we have as our “extra” presentation, Chapter 1 of the radio drams, “The Baffling Murder of Col. Willoughby“ (September 17, 1936; 15 minutes) starring Walter Connolly.

Roland Winters: Charlie Chan
Warren Douglas: Sergeant Bill Davidson
Mantan Moreland: Birmingham Brown
Louise Currie: Peggy Cartwright
Victor Sen Young: Tommy Chan
Phillip Ahn: Captain Kong
Byron Foulger: Armstrong
Thayer Roberts: Captain James J. Kelso
Jean Wong: Princess Mei Ling
Chabing: Lilly Mae Wong
George L. Spaulding: Dr. Hickey
Paul Bryar: Sergeant (not credited)
Thornton Edwards: Hotel Clerk (not credited)
Lee Tung Foo: Butler (also the voice of the Apartment Manager) (not credited)
Richard Wang: Hamishin (not credited)
Spencer Chan: Chinese Officer (not credited)
Kenneth Chuck: Chinese Boy (not credited)
Jack Mower: Ballard (not credited)
Charmienne Harker: Stenographer (not credited)
Leon Alton: Detective (not credited)
Jimmy Base: Detective (not credited)
Joseph C. Naecisse: Dock Worker (not credited)
Cap Somers: Dock Worker (not credited)

FEATURE SUMMARY: Mei Ling, a Chinese princess, arrives in San Francisco aboard the boat Shanghai Maid, and, several weeks later, visits Charlie Chan at his home. She gives Chan's butler and assistant, Birmingham Brown, an ancient Chinese ring, and while she is momentarily alone, an assailant kills her by shooting a poison dart through the window. As she is dying, the princess is able to write "Capt. K" on a piece of paper, but is unable to finish the full name. Chan, with the help of Number Two Son, Tommy, and Birmingham, soon finds himself in the midst of international intrigue and danger as he seeks to discover the identity of the mysterious Captain K and the murderer of Princess Mei Ling.

FEATURE NOTES: The title card on this film reads: “Charlie Chan in ‘The Chinese Ring.’" The film's working titles were “The Mandarin's Secret,” “The Red Hornet,” and “Charlie Chan and the Chinese Ring.” ‘Independent Film Journal’ reviewed the picture as “The Red Hornet.” Although Call Bureau Cast Service lists Valerie Ardis as "Stenographer," the ‘Variety’ review and studio production files list Charmienne Harker in the role. This film marked the first Charlie Chan film to star Roland Winters, who was chosen to replace Sidney Toler who had died earlier in 1947.

TRIVIA: Walter Connolly, who played Charlie Chan on the radio from 1932-1936 (including our radio drama “The Baffling Murder of Col. Willoughby”), portrayed the character “Uncle” in the 1937 film, “The Good Earth,” with Keye Luke.

TIME: We begin with arrivals and greetings at 7:30 EASTERN TIME. Then, we share our “extra” presentation, “The Baffling Murder of Col. Willoughby,” which will be followed at exactly 8:15 when we roll our first feature for our Monday evening, “The Chinese Ring.”

LOCATION: Our Charlie Chan Family Chat Room, which is accessed at

IF YOU LACK A COPY OF OUR FILM: Often our features can be found online. Happily, our feature as well as our extra are available online. Please use the links provided at our Chat Room.

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“CHARLIE CHAN” IN OTHER MOVIES! This Saturday, while watching the Bowery Boys in “Angels in Disguise” (1949), Leo Gorcey’s character, Slip Mahoney, jokingly calls a police detective “Charlie Chan.” There have been many more over the years both in the movies and on TV. Does anyone have any favorites Charlie Chan references to share with us?

SO, PLEASE JOIN US for this week’s Monday Evening Chat and Film Viewing as we share “The Chinese Ring.”



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