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A FEW (i hope) words to esteem the entire Charlie Chan Family, spurred by a few moments' scroll (hindered by smart-but-small phone screen) through Lou Armagno's Charlie Chan Annual. Which is greater, the scholarship or the spirit? Even the skilled scientists who brought Tetragene to the world & then drove it to an airport would be unable to say for sure. I've tried as time goes on, or by, or wherever it goes, to use our Website's resources more: this is a labor of pleasure & a reminder that the Chan Canon itself AND its modern torchbearers are both, though apparently light-hearted, of strong stuff purposeful & of integrity. The Chan Family Homepage is an awesome living entity, orchestrally managed by our dictator Rush but the constant changing work of SO many---an even number, though, likely---contributing hands. An upset beehive is less impressive.
/////Could i wave a wand, an institution of higher learning would articulate the principles of our hero, & be shaped by many of those who contribute tirelessly & substantively to our Chan Family. The inclusion of a Chan Studies Program could not help but be a stiffener & astringent, to focus academe on true humanity. When i have my hundredth million i am determined to endow such an institution, very likely at Huxley College in honor of Professor/President Quincy Wagstaff.
/////I am determined (& have so admonished my Amanuensis, Fox) in the coming new improved year to explore the Website more, both currently to avail myself of the latest poop & historically to glean from the mountain of compost its archives comprise. Fox, i need you to rephrase that last part. Are you taking this down? The poop/compost thing has something that bothers me. Hmmmmm...Fox? Fox?
/////This recording machine---recording machine---recording machine---re---


Angel, thank you! Your appreciation is very much...appreciated! Anyone who attends our Monday Evening Chat/Film Viewings is familiar with your very unique, wit- and pun-filled, lively contribution to our evenings.

Thank you so much...

Sincerely, your "benevolent dictator,"


Rush---O Dictator Greater Than Most---
/////How i appreciate your appreciation for my Appreciation! My tribute was heartfelt. Your remarks toward me personally were both kind and scientifically accurate: everybody's full of something!


Dear Angel,

All I can add is: :laughing: