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“Eran Trece” (“There Were Thirteen”)

FROM CHARLIE CHAN: “Talk will not cook rice.”

GREETINGS as we continue our Charlie Chan family Film Tour for 2020! This week’s film, “Eran Trece” (“There Were Thirteen”) is the Spanish language version of “Charlie Chan Carries On,” which starred Warner Oland as Charlie Chan. As the latter has been “lost” for many decades, “Eran Trece,” with Manuel Arbo as Chan, is the closest look at what the first film in the Charlie Chan film series was like.

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THIS WEEK’S PRESENTATIONS: “Eran Trece” (1931; 79 minutes) along with our “extra,” the second episode of “The Green Hornet“: “The Thundering Terror” (21 minutes).

Manuel Arbó: Charlie Chan
Rafael Luis Calvo: Inspector Duff
Ana Maria Custodio: Elen Potter
Juan Torena: Dick Kennaway
Julio Villareal: Dr. Lofton
Raul Roulien: Max Minchin
Blanca de Castejón: Peggy Minchin
Martin Garralaga: John Ross (alias Jim Menard)
Carmen Rodriguez: Señora Rockwel
Antonio Vidal: Paul Nelson
Jose Nieto: Señor Kin
Ralph Navarro: Inspector Gardner
Lia Torá: Sybil Conway
Carlos Diaz de Mendoza: Walter Decker

FEATURE SUMMARY: Inspector Duff, a Scotland Yard detective, and a friend of Charlie Chan, is pursuing a murderer who is a part of an around-the-world tour group. While his ship is docked in Honolulu, the detective is shot and wounded by the killer. With Duff in critical condition, Charlie Chan carries on the pursuit for his fallen friend.

FEATURE NOTES: “Eran Trece” was the Spanish language version of “Charlie Chan Carries On,” using Spanish-speaking actors and actresses in its cast, and following the original script, with minor changes. This was the only Spanish version of a film from the Charlie Chan series. Some sources erroneously include Luana Alaniz in the cast of “Eran Trece.” In his autobiography, L. B. Abbott notes that he assisted photographer Sidney Wagner on “Eran Trece.” “Eran Trece” was the only Spanish version in the Charlie Chan series.

TRIVIA: This is the only Spanish-language film in the entire original Chan series and the only one that doesn't feature Warner Oland as Charlie Chan. There were no other foreign-language Charlie Chan films made by Hollywood after this one because, shortly after this movie came out, a method of putting sound on the actual film was developed, and so voice dubbing became more practical.

WORD OF THE WEEK: amyl nitrate - A vasodilator that is sometimes used to treat angina pectoris.
Mark Kennaway: "Amyl nitrate - it'll bring him around in a moment."

TIME: We begin with greetings at 7:30 EASTERN TIME. Then, we share our “extra” presentation, the secobd chapter of the movie serial “The Green Hornet,“ which will be followed at exactly 8:15 when we roll our feature film for our Monday evening, “Eran Trece.”

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