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OUR CCF MONDAY EVENING CHAT AND FILM VIEWING for February 10, 2020: “Charlie Chan in Paris”

FROM CHARLIE CHAN: “Youth tonic for old blood.”

GREETINGS! This week’s film, “Charlie Chan in Paris,” continues Charlie Chan’s sequential short series of adventures which began with last week’s “Charlie Chan in London.” Upon the completion of that case, Mr. Chan flies across the Channel to Paris where he immediately finds himself in a case filled with intrigue and great danger!

OUR CHAT ROOM: Our Chat Room can be accessed the same way that we accessed by going to our “Chat Room” link at, or use this direct link:

THIS WEEK’S PRESENTATIONS: “Charlie Chan in Paris” (1935; 70 minutes) along with our “extra,” the sixth episode of “The Green Hornet“ (20 minutes).

“Charlie Chan in Paris” CAST:
Warner Oland: Charlie Chan
Mary Brian: Yvette Lamartine
Thomas Beck: Victor Descartes
Erik Rhodes: Max Corday
John Miljan: Albert Dufresne
Murray Kinnell: Henri L*******
Minor Watson: [Inspector] Renard
John Qualen: Concierge
Keye Luke: Lee Chan
Henry Kolker: M. [Paul] Lamartine
Dorothy Appleby: Nardi (also called Mademoiselle Nardi)
Ruth Peterson: Renee Jacquard
Perry Ivans [Ivins]: Bedell
George Davis: Roberts (not credited)
Auguste Tollaire: Concierge (not credited)
Louis Nartheaux: Reporter (not credited)
Ed Cecil: Customs Officer (not credited)
Robert Graves: Gendarme (not credited)
Harry Cording: Gendarme (not credited)
Marty Faust: Taxicab Driver (not credited)
Landers Stevens: Bank Attendant (not credited)
John Dilson: Information Clerk (not credited)
Samuel T. Godfrey: Cashier (not credited)
Rolfe Sedan: Bank Teller (not credited)
Moore & Allen: Apache Dancers (not credited)
Gino Corrado: Head Waiter [Pierre] (not credited)
Wilfred Lucas: Doorman (not credited)
Richard Kipling: Master of Ceremonies (not credited)
Eddie Vitch: Sketch Artist (not credited)
Paul McVey: Detective [LaVerne] (not credited)
Lynn Bari: Nightclub Patron (not credited)
Gloria Roy (not credited)

FEATURE SUMMARY: Charlie Chan is hired by British investors to investigate a bond-forgery racket involving a Parisian bank. Upon his arrival in Paris, Chan, who pretends to be on vacation, is made harshly aware through a warning note that the true nature of his visit is known. Later, his agent, a nightclub dancer named Nardi is killed before she can tell give the detective any information. Surprised by the appearance of his Number One Son, Lee, father and son work as a team on a dangerous case that is complicated by a false murder accusation for banker's daughter Yvette.

FEATURE NOTES: According to ‘Daily Variety,’ Hamilton MacFadden, the original director, was relieved of his assignment after the film was in production one week. Dan Clark, who did not receive screen credit, was the original cameraman. This was the first film in which Keye Luke played the role of Lee Chan.

TRIVIA: Charlie Chan arrives in Paris at Aerodrome du Bourget (today, L'Aéroport du Bourget) was the first civil airport in Paris. On May 21, 1927, Charles Lindbergh landed his ‘Spirit of St. Louis’ there following his famous trans-Atlantic flight.


Home, James! - (Catchphrase) The original saying, dating from the mid-1800s and spoken to a coach driver, was supposedly, "Home, James, and don't spare the horses!" There was a 1934 song by Fred Hillebrand (1893-1963) with the same phrase as a title: Home, James, and Don't Spare the Horses is the modern origin of the catchphrase; it was in general usage by the early 1930s.

Yvette Lamartine (to Victor Descartes): "Home, James!"

TIME: We begin with greetings at 7:30 EASTERN TIME. Then, we share our “extra” presentation, the SIXTH chapter of the movie serial “The Green Hornet,“ which will be followed at exactly 8:15 when we roll our feature film for our Monday evening, “Charlie Chan in Paris.”

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