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"Good time Charlie," drinking in Paris!

Rush, all, I watched C.C. in Paris on Tuesday and I must say I was surprised! I counted no less than three incidents where Charlie took to drink!

- First, at the beginning, when he gets to the household of Victor Descartes after leaving the airport and meets his fiance and guests (2 sips of Champagne)

- Second, when he's sitting at the restaurant with Inspector Renard discussing that "hole in donut" (sipping some kind of aperitif in a tiny cup & there's a glass of wine in front of him on the table)

- Third, at the home of Max Corday's, who he suspects, to tell him the murderer was seen getting into his car (again, sipping on some kind of aperitif or cordial)

I don't believe he ever took a drink in the novels (I may be wrong,) and can't remember him drinking in any other film. I guess "Gay Parie" has that effect on one! :flag-fr:

Re: "Good time Charlie," drinking in Paris!

I don't recall any other scenes where Charlie drinks alcohol. Pertaining to other vices, Charlie does smoke a cigarette while sitting next to the dude ranch swimming pool in "The Golden Eye."

Re: "Good time Charlie," drinking in Paris!

John,that's very interesting! I seem to recall another scene showing a close-up of Chan's face (Sidney Toler) smoking a cigarette with a big grin on his face, while son no. 1 and someone else look on. However, he wasn't really smoking, but puffing and trying to prove something about the cigarette in relation to the murders. It might have been The Scarlet Clue, or C.C. in Rio.

Re: "Good time Charlie," drinking in Paris!

Yes, John, I was also thinking of how Charlie Chan seems to be routinely smoking a cigarette as he speaks with the incognito Lt. Ruark next to the dude ranch swimming pool in "The Golden Eye." and, Lou, you are correct about the other instance, in "Charlie Chan in Rio," where Mr. Chan seems to expertly puff on a cigarette as he demonstrates that he is not affected by the "psychognosis" drug which is normally triggered by a cigarette.

Also, Lou, the moments you noted from "Charlie Chan in Paris" mark the ONLY instances I can recall of Chan partaking of any alcoholic beverage in the films or in the Biggers stories! I can only suggest that he was trying to be a gracious guest by not refusing to join his host(s) in a glass. It also seems to me that he was not used to the experience of the bubbly nature of the champagne in the first instance!

By the "New Adventures of Charlie Chan" TV series, the detective was known to use tobacco, but I cannot recall for sure whether he is seen enjoying a drink of alcohol. I believe it happens, but it is not often.