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OUR CCF MONDAY EVENING CHAT AND FILM VIEWING FOR February 24: “Charlie Chan in Shanghai”

FROM CHARLIE CHAN: “Owner of face cannot always see nose.”

GREETINGS! This week, we indulge in a cinematic treat as Charlie Chan returns to his homeland in “Charlie Chan in Shanghai.” As Chan visits the mysterious city of Shanghai, China to assist a friend who is closing in on a ruthless gang of international drug smugglers, Number One Son, Lee meets his famous Pop, assisting him in what turns out to be a life-or-death struggle!

OUR CHAT ROOM: Our Chat Room can be accessed the same way that we accessed by going to our “Chat Room” link at, or use this direct link:

THIS WEEK’S PRESENTATIONS: “Charlie Chan in Shanghai” (1935; 70 minutes) along with our “extra,” the 8th episode of “The Green Hornet“: “Dead or Alive” (18 minutes).

“Charlie Chan in Shanghai” CAST:
Warner Oland: Charlie Chan
Irene Hervey: Diana Woodland
Charles Locher: Philip Nash
Russell Hicks: James Andrews
Keye Luke: Lee Chan
Halliwell Hobbes: Chief of Police [Commissioner of Police; Colonel Watkins]
Frederick Vogeding: Burke [Ivan Marloff]
Neil Fitzgerald: Dakin
Max Wagner: Taxi Driver
David Torrence: Sir Stanley Woodland (not credited)
Harry Strang: Chauffeur (not credited)
Pat O'Malley: Beldon (not credited)
James B. Leong: Shanghai Police Telephone Operator (not credited)
Jockey Haefeli: Crook on Boat (not credited)
Torben Meyer: French Diplomat (not credited)
Guy Usher: Shanghai Chamber of Commerce President (not credited)
Moy Ming: Mr. Sun Wong (not credited)
Willie Wong: Reporter (not credited)
Pat Somerset: Reporter (not credited)
Phil Tead: Reporter (not credited)
Jimmy Philips: Reporter (not credited)
Luke Chan: Reporter (not credited)
Jack Chefe: Reporter (not credited)
Collin Kenny: Reporter (not credited)
Beal Wong: Reporter (not credited)
Eddie Lee: Servant (not credited)
Jehim Wong: Ricksha Boy (not credited)
Gladden James: Forrest (not credited)
William Kum: Porter (not credited)
Sam Tong: Waiter (not credited)
Walter Wong: Waiter (not credited)
Ed Hart: G-Man (not credited)
Russel Hopton: "G" Man (not credited)
Joan Woodbury: Exotic Dancer (not credited)
Frank Darien: Tourist (not credited)
Harrison Greene: Tourist (not credited)
Lynn Bari: Second Hotel Switchboard Operator (not credited)
Charles Haefeli: Crook on Boat (not credited)
Bo Ling: Lee Chan's Girlfriend (not credited)
Regina Rambeau (not credited)

FEATURE SUMMARY: Charlie Chan travels to his ancestral homeland, China, at the request of Sir Stanley Woodland, a prominent official in Shanghai, to help break up an opium-smuggling organization. When Chan is honored at a Shanghai banquet, Sir Stanley informs the detective that he has discovered some sinister activities. Before Sir Stanley can share this information he is silenced by a booby-trapped box. With Number One Son, Lee, at his side, Chan seeks to discover the secrets of the smuggling activities in Shanghai as well as the identity of the Sir Stanley's killer.

FEATURE NOTES: Although the character played by Frederik Vogeding is listed as "Burke" in the onscreen credits, he is called "Ivan Marloff" throughout the dialog of the film.

TRIVIA: As Charlie Chan, based on clues from the three “consecutive adventures”: “Charlie Chan in London,” “Charlie Chan in Paris,” and Charlie Chan in Egypt,” this adventure, “Charlie Chan in Shanghai,” takes place, as we can see from the date (May 8, 1935) on a note received by Chan, almost exactly one year after his case in “Egypt.” Either during this time, Charlie Chan was engaged in “run-of-the-mill” investigations in Honolulu, he was taking a break from his work, he was working on an “undocumented” case or cases, etc.


N.G. - (Abbrevriation) No good.

Charlie Chan: "You pretend to be G-man, now turn out to be N.G.-man."

TIME: We begin with greetings at 7:30 EASTERN TIME. Then, we share our “extra” presentation, the 8th chapter (“Dead or Alive) of the movie serial “The Green Hornet,“ which will be followed at exactly 8:15 when we roll our feature film for our Monday evening, “Charlie Chan in Shanghai.”

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