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Virginia is fine!

Dear CCF family and friends,

After not hearing from her for some time, I reached Virginia and she is doing fine. I had mentioned at or last CCF Chat on Monday that I was getting concerned about not hearing from her, especially after I had called her, left a message, and hadn't heard back. It turns out that she was out and had not checked her messages.

So, I just wanted to let everyone know that Virginia is doing well!


Re: Virginia is fine!

Rush, very kind of you to follow up like that. Glad to hear it.

Re: Virginia is fine!


Thanks for the message, and our apologies for missing the last couple of weeks.

Even though we've only bumped into VA a few times, the "family" feels like someplace special to us and we were concerned. Thanks for letting everyone know she's ok!

We plan to be back on Monday and hope to see everyone then.