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FROM CHARLIE CHAN: “Live and learn.”

GREETINGS! Once again, Charlie Chan heads off on a journey that leads to a case outside his Honolulu jurisdiction! This week we follow Mr. Chan to San Francisco as he seeks to solve the mystery of a missing heir, a very strange case that immediately places him in grave danger within a world of séances, a creepy house with hidden passages, unusual characters, and, of course…MURDER!

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THIS WEEK’S PRESENTATIONS: “Charlie Chan’s Secret” (1936; 71 minutes) along with our “extra,” the 8th episode of “The Green Hornet“: “The Hornet Trapped” (20 minutes).

“Charlie Chan’s Secret” CAST:

Warner Oland: Charlie Chan
Rosina Lawrence: Alice Lowell
Charles Quigley: Dick Williams
Henrietta Crosman: Henrietta Lowell
Edward Trevor: Fred Gage
Astrid Allwyn: Janice Gage
Herbert Mundin: Baxter
Jonathan Hale: Warren T. Phelps
Egon Brecher: Ulrich
Gloria Roy: Carlotta
Ivan Miller: Morton
Arthur Edmund Carew: Professor [Alfred] Bowan
Jerry Miley: Allen Colby (not credited)
William Norton Bailey: Harris (not credited)
James T. Mack: Fingerprint Man (not credited)
Landers Stevens: Coroner (not credited)
Francis Ford: Salvage Boat Captain (not credited)
Charles Ernest: Salvage Diver (not credited)
Bud Geary: Police Officer (not credited)
Chuck Hamilton: Police Officer (not credited)
Brick Sullivan: Police Officer (not credited)

FEATURE SUMMARY: An ocean liner sinks near Hawaii and Allen Colby, heir to the family fortune, is presumed dead. However, as his is the only body unaccounted for, Charlie Chan, who is seeking proof of Colby's demise, is not so sure. The detective, working for Henrietta Lowell, the sister of Allen's father flies to San Francisco to investigate further. The missing Colby appears at Colby House ahead of him, but is knifed by a hidden killer in the back before seeing anyone. Further events revolve around spiritualist Mrs. Lowell, her family of suspicious characters, and the spooky Colby House, where the body of Allen Colby dramatically turns up during a séance with Chan in attendance.

FEATURE NOTES: The working title of this film was “Charlie Chan in San Francisco”. In ‘Hollywood Reporter’ production charts, George Schneiderman is listed as photographer and Charles McNaughton as a cast member, but their participation in the final film has not been verified. However, Charles McNaughton is pictured in what appears to be butler's garb in a publicity still for “Charlie Chan's Secret.” The actor's name is absent from the credits on the still while Herbert Mundin, who played Baxter the butler, is among those listed.

TRIVIA: Production records show an unusual credit: Sid Jordan: Expert Marksman. We can see Mr. Jordan’s expert handiwork in the scene where the rifle shot from the distant tower EXPLODES the vase that Baxter the butler was just about to fill with flowers! Yes, an actual bullet was shot at the vase!


quinine sulphate - A medicine that is mainly used for reducing the occurrence of nocturnal leg cramps, although it is also used against malaria, unknown infective species, and myotonia.

TIME: We begin with greetings at 7:30 EASTERN TIME. Then, we share our “extra” presentation, the 9th chapter (“The Hornet Trapped”) of the movie serial “The Green Hornet,“ which will be followed at exactly 8:15 when we roll our feature film for our Monday evening, “Charlie Chan’s Secret.”

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