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Early TV showings of "Charlie Chan at the Circus"

I found some interesting information at internet Movie Database (IMDb) regarding this week's Charlie Chan Family Chat film, "Charlie Chan at the Circus," regarding the earliest TV airings:

This film was first telecast in Salt Lake City Wednesday 8 July 1953 on KSL (Channel 5), in Detroit Monday 26 October 1953 on WXYZ (Channel 7), in Portland OR Saturday 14 November 1953 on KOIN (Channel 6), in Phoenix Wednesday 2 December 1953 on KOOL (Channel 10), in Indianapolis Friday 14 January 1954 on WFBM (Channel 6), in both New York City and Cincinnati Wednesday 27 January 1954 on WCBS (Channel 2) and on WLW-T (Channel 5) in Baltimore Thursday 18 February 1954 on WBAL (Channel 11), in Philadelphia Thursday 8 April 1954 on WPTZ (Channel 3), in Atlanta Tuesday 27 April 1954 on WLW-A (Channel 11), in Los Angeles Saturday 21 August 1954 on KNBH (Channel 4), and in San Francisco Friday 1 July 1955 on KRON (Channel 4).

Re: Early TV showings of "Charlie Chan at the Circus"

Rush, very interesting! Besides the fact I was 1-years old (Don't worry, I won't ask) it was back in a time, when the circus came to pretty much every town. I remember going to The Shriner's Circus, right in downtown Cleveland, and seeing lions, tigers, and bears...oh my! Lou