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The Strange Case of Mr. Glick and the "Charlie Chan To-Night" Poster

OK, I'm a week behind everyone with movie night. However, if you have the DVD of "Charlie Chan at the Circus" there's a great featurette on it: "Charlie Chan at The Movies!" Basically, two people narrate it, one being...Mr. Rush Glick. If you've never met our illustrious leader, this is a good one as he get a lot of face time.

However, this is about the the background. Rush is sitting in front of a "poster" that looks approximately 3'x 5' It's not completely visible; however, it designed with a white or cream background and large, black letter that read, "Charlie Chan To-Night." It looks to be made of canvas--like the old circus posters, with a small crest or abstract design on it.

To my understanding, the DVD featurettes were filmed at the actors homes. So my question is, "Rush, what's with the poster?" Is this from your personal collection?

A Fan

Re: The Strange Case of Mr. Glick and the "Charlie Chan To-Night" Poster

Well, Lou, here is the solution to the "strange case":

In the early 2000s I purchased, through eBay, a vintage movie theater banner from Australia advertising "Charlie Chan To-Night." It was hanging on the wall of our converted garage office when the crew visited us to shoot the Fox "extra" that you watched. It now hangs on the wall of the office of our present home, measuring about 3 by 3 3/4 feet. I have included a picture of it below, and you can see that it has certainly been around for a few years!

"Strange Case" happily solved!


Re: The Strange Case of Mr. Glick and the "Charlie Chan To-Night" Poster

WoW! Such a cool story and find, Rush! And how appropriate is it, that there is a film "To-Night!"

Thank you so much for sharing. You are number-one detective, for sure. Lou