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Another Chan-actor-filled movie: "Across the Pacific" (1942)


"Across the Pacific" just aired on TCM, and it was a treat, besides watching another nice Humphrey Bogart adventure, but also for the chance to see a number of Charlie Chan actors in a non-chan picture. First, we have sons One (Keye Luke) and Two (Victor Sen Yung), but also a couple of others.

Lee Tung Foo, who appeared in "Dead Men Tell," "The Chinese Ring," and "The Golden Eye."

Phillip Ahn, seen as the Chans' son-in-law in "Charlie Chan in Honolulu" and as Captain Kong in "The Chinese Ring."

Spencer Chan who appeared as a part of Captain Kong's crew in "The Chinese Ring."

Unless I missed anyone, that's FIVE Chan actors in the same non-Chan movie...a real TREAT! Try to see this one if you can someday!

Rush Glick

Re: Another Chan-actor-filled movie: "Across the Pacific" (1942)

Aloha Rush,

"Across the Pacific," AKA "The Maltese Falcon (gang) Goes to War," is another great film to spot Charlie Chan actors in non-Chan roles. I love the scene where Victor Sen Yung tries to be Bogart's pal. (Yung to Bogart: "We should hang out.") Bogie brushing him off. (Bogart to Yung: "In your dreams.") I'm paraphrasing a tad. It's great fun between Bogart and Yung.

If you like this film, check out "The Man With Bogart's Face" (1980). In every scene that Mr. Yung appears in, he has a falcon on his shoulder. A reference to above mentioned film.

A must-see for Chan film fans. Enjoy.


Re: Another Chan-actor-filled movie: "Across the Pacific" (1942)

Aloha, Steve!

I vaguely recall hearing about "The Man With Bogart's Face" (1980 was a busy year for me!). I'll have to check that one out, especially because our Number Two Son is in it!

I, too, enjoyed the Victor Sen Yung parts in "Across the Pacific" where he was playing up the "hep" American kid the hilt!

Take care, and I know that you are rightfully enjoying life "on the other side of the Island"!