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FROM CHARLIE CHAN: “To know forgery, one must have original.”

GREETINGS… Charlie Chan and Number One Son, Lee, arrive in New York City on their way back home following the Olympic Games and a subsequent trip through part of Europe. Their stopover there is quickly turned into a case of murder and gangland corruption!
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THIS WEEK’S PRESENTATIONS: “Charlie Chan on Broadway” (1937; 65 minutes) along with our “extra,” the FIRST episode of “Lost City of the Jungle“: “Himalaya Horror,” with Keye Luke! (1946; 11 minutes).

“Charlie Chan on Broadway” CAST:

Warner Oland: Charlie Chan
Keye Luke: Lee Chan
Joan Marsh: Joan Wendall
J. Edward Bromberg: Murdock
Douglas Fowley: Johnny Burke
Harold Huber: Inspector [James] Nelson
Donald Woods: Speed Patten
Louise Henry: Billie Bronson
Joan Woodbury: Marie Collins
Leon Ames: Buzz Moran
Marc Lawrence: Thomas Mitchell
Tashia Mori: Ling Tse
Charles Williams: Meeker
Eugene Borden: Louie
William Jeffrey: Coroner (not credited)
Sidney Fields: Porter (not credited)
Norman Ainsley: Steward (not credited)
Philip Morris: Customs Officer (not credited)
George Regas: Hindu (not credited)
Sherry Hall: Reporter (not credited)
Creighton Hale: Reporter (not credited)
Allen Fox: Reporter (not credited)
Robert Lowery: Reporter (not credited)
Franklin Parker: Reporter (not credited)
Don Brodie: Reporter (not credited)
Billy Wayne: Reporter (not credited)
Allen Wood: Bellhop (not credited)
George Guhl: Smitty (not credited)
Jack Dougherty: Policeman (not credited)
Eddie Dunn: Policeman (not credited)
Harry Strang: Policeman (not credited)
Don Rowan: Policeman (not credited)
Harry Strang: Policeman (not credited)
Carl Faulkner: Policeman (not credited)
Chuck Hamilton: Policeman (not credited)
Lee Shumway: Policeman (not credited)
Harry Burns: Policeman (not credited)
Billy O'Brian: Copyboy (not credited)
James Blaine: Detective (not credited)
Lon Chaney, Jr.: Desk Clerk (not credited)
Beulah Hutton: Telephone Operator (not credited)
Harry Depp: Candid Camera Snapper (not credited)
Kenner G. Kemp: Candid Camera Photograher at Hottentot Club (not credited)
Cyril Ring: Candid Camera Photographer at Hottentot Club (not credited)
Gloria Roy: Hat Check Girl (not credited)
Sam Ash: Waiter (not credited)
Blue Washington: Doorman at Hottentot Club (not credited)
Allan Cavan: Doorman (not credited)
Art Miles: Porter (not credited)
Henry Otho: Detective (not credited)
Monte Vandergrift: Detective (not credited)
Jack Clifford: Detective (not credited)
James Flavin: Detective (not credited)
Charles Haefeli: Pickpocket (not credited)
Victor Adams: Gangster (not credited)
Paddy O'Flynn: Photographer (not credited)
Lester Dorr: Photographer (not credited)
Edwin Stanley: Laboratory Expert (not credited)
Robert Middlemass: Police Official (not credited)

FEATURE SUMMARY: Billie Bronson, having left the country hurriedly a year earlier when sought as an important witness in a political scandal, has returned to New York City to "blow the lid off the town." Later, Billie is mysteriously murdered and Charlie Chan is summoned from a police banquet in his honor. While seeking a motive for her murder, a second killing is discovered in the hotel room of Chan and son Lee. A package is missing from the detective's trunk and it is realized that it must have contained Billie Bronson's inflammatory diary. Chan must piece together a string of clues in order to find the killer.

FEATURE NOTES: Thomas Beck is listed as a cast member in early ‘Hollywood Reporter’ cast charts, but his participation in the final film is doubtful.

TRIVIA: In an early example of product placement, a bottle of Bayer aspirin is shown on a table.

THIS WEEK’S TERM: Father Knickerbocker - Father Knickerbocker became a symbol for New York City in the early 1800s following the publication of Washington Irving's satirical "History of New York," which Irving attributed to "Diedrich Knickerbocker." A round, 17th century Dutch character, Father Knickerbocker reminded New Yorkers of their Colonial past. Wearing knickers, buckled shoes, and a white beard, Father Knickerbocker has been illustrated and depicted in many ways, often symbolizing changes in the city's politics. The image of Father Knickerbocker, a reminder of old New York, was prevalent until the 1950s when the modern city had securely taken hold. The name survives today, in abbreviated form, in the name of the New York Knicks basketball team.

Charlie Chan: "Most happy to have placed new broom in hands of Father Knickerbocker."

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As, by all indications, the conclusion of Charlie Chan's case in “Charlie Chan in Egypt” occurred in late April 1934, and his next adventure, as seen in “Charlie Chan in Shanghai,” is documented as commencing on May 7, 1935, which explanation would you choose to best explain "Charlie Chan's off-year"?

Charlie Chan was engaged in "run of the mill" cases in Honolulu 13%

Charlie Chan was taking a break from his work to be at home with Mrs. Chan, his family, and to be there for the impending birth of the Chans' next daughter (first seen in Charlie Chan at the Circus) 34%

Charlie Chan was engaged in heretofore "undocumented" cases 13%

Two or more of the above 40%

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