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FROM CHARLIE CHAN: “Questions are keys to door of truth.”

GREETINGS… Hopefully everyone had a very happy Easter and Passover! Now, we follow Charlie Chan and Number One Son, Lee BACK to Europe as father and son make a brief stopover at Monte Carlo on their way to Paris for a showing of Lee’s art. Even though the stopover is brief, a LOT happens between their arrival and slightly delayed departure as we shall see! (Sadly, this was to be Warner Oland’s final appearance as Charlie Chan…)

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THIS WEEK’S PRESENTATIONS: “Charlie Chan at Monte Carlo” (1937; 71 minutes) along with our “extra,” the SECOND episode of “Lost City of the Jungle” with Keye Luke! (1946; 26 minutes).

“Charlie Chan at Monte Carlo” CAST:

Warner Oland: Charlie Chan
Keye Luke: Lee Chan
Virginia Field: Evelyn Grey
Sidney Blackmer: Victor Karnoff
Harold Huber: [Inspector] Jules [Etienne] Joubert
Kay Linaker: Joan Karnoff
Robert Kent: Gordon Chase
Edward Raquello: Paul Savarin
George Lynn: Al Rogers (also called Albert Rogers)
Louis Mercier: Taxi Driver
George Davis: Pepite (First Gendarme)
John Bleifer: Ludwig [Krauss]
Georges Renavent: Renault


Edward Biby: Hotel Guest
Emile Bistagne
Eumenio Blanco: Waiter
Eugene Borden: Hotel Clerk
Jack Chefe: Attendant
Jean De Briac: Doorman
Marcelle Corday: Concierge
André Cheron: Croupier
Gennaro Curci: Waiter
Victor Delinsky: Gendarme
Art Dupuis
Fred Farrell: Townsman
Antonio Filauri: Waiter
Constant Franke: Croupier
Robert Graves: Gendarme
Sherry Hall: Bartender
Ramsay Hill: Casino Patron
Louis Lubitch: Gendarme
Alphonse Martell: Gendarme
Harold Miller: Casino Patron
George Nardelli: Casino Patron
Manuel Paris: Doorman
Jean Perry: Gendarme
John Picorri: Waiter
Albert Pollet: Attaché
Joseph Romantini: Attaché
George Sorel: Gendarme
Count Stefenelli: Casino Patron
Leo White: French Butler

FEATURE SUMMARY: Charlie Chan and number one son Lee are passing through Monte Carlo on their way to Paris for an art show in which Lee has a painting. They meet Inspector Jules Joubert, chief of police of Monte Carlo with whom they work to solve the murder of the courier of a wealthy financier, Victor Karnoff, who was carrying a fortune in bonds. Among the many suspects are Savarin, a bitter financial rival of Karnoff, Evelyn Gray, a beautiful blonde without visible means of support, and Al Rogers, a shady bartender who is blackmailing Mrs. Karnoff.

FEATURE NOTES: “Charlie Chan at Monte Carlo” was Warner Oland's last film. Oland began work on “Charlie Chan at the Ringside” in January of 1938, but the production was halted when the actor walked off the set on the 17th of that month. According to news items, there was a dispute between Oland and the studio.

TRIVIA: Harold Huber’s face was scarred in an amateur fencing match, adding to his signature character image in roles as film heavies.


fan-tan - (1) A Chinese betting game in which the players lay wagers on the number of counters that will remain when a hidden pile of them has been divided by four. (2) A card game in which sevens and their equivalent are played in sequence and the first player out of cards is the winner.

Charlie Chan: "Venerable grandparent once have large holdings in fan-tan house."

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QUESTION: As, by all indications, the conclusion of Charlie Chan's case in “Charlie Chan in Egypt” occurred in late April 1934, and his next adventure, as seen in “Charlie Chan in Shanghai,” is documented as commencing on May 7, 1935, which explanation would you choose to best explain "Charlie Chan's off-year"?

Charlie Chan was engaged in "run of the mill" cases in Honolulu 13%

Charlie Chan was taking a break from his work to be at home with Mrs. Chan, his family, and to be there for the impending birth of the Chans' next daughter (first seen in Charlie Chan at the Circus) 34%

Charlie Chan was engaged in heretofore "undocumented" cases 13%

Two or more of the above 40%

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Rush Glick

Re: OUR CCF MONDAY EVENING CHAT AND FILM VIEWING FOR April 13: “Charlie Chan at Monte Carlo”

I only did this once, probably ten years ago (15?) at least. But having been out of work for a month now thanks to the virus scare, and having LOTS of free time (lol), I'd like to give it a shot again tonight, but need a brush up on details. How exactly does this work?

Re: OUR CCF MONDAY EVENING CHAT AND FILM VIEWING FOR April 13: “Charlie Chan at Monte Carlo”

Dear Tenman,

Well, I missed your message originally, BUT, you were able to make it to our Monday Chat and it was great to see you again!